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Custom made to fit your window, designed to your specifications.  Email me about pricing.  These custom pieces are more affordable than you think.  The cost is mainly in materials.  I have a real job that pays the bills, help keep my hobby alive.

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  • window insert entitled “Winter” with the various birds is beautiful. Is this a one off piece? Do you sell on-line? prices? Thanks!

    • Winter is a custom made piece for a home in Independence (one of a series featuring all four seasons and MN birds). I love creating custom pieces, made to your specifications. They can fit fully into a window, like this one, or hang in front of a larger window. These pieces are priced at about $75 to $100 a square foot.

      • I like the dimensions of this window. It appears to be about 1 ft x 3 ft (3 sq ft)?

        • Winter – 44.25W x 17.25H – approx cost $400-$500.

          • I’m interested in a similar winter scene but scaling would be 32 x14. Where are you located?

          • I live in Chanhassen, MN. And you? I have a few other projects already underway, so couldn’t get to it right away, probably.

  • We live in olympia, Wa., but my wife is from St Paul. We may be coming out there this summer, but it all depends on C-19 restrictions. I’m in no rush so we can work out a schedule that works for you.

    • So funny! I am from Bellingham, WA. My family still lives there and my son and his family are in Lake Stevens. I’m sure we can connect sometime, somewhere! Questions for you: is this meant to be inserted to cover an entire window, or will it be hanging in a larger window? What about this original piece do you like? What would you want changed? The design phase is the longest commitment, so if there are only small changes to this piece, it will be easier and faster. That being said, the design phase is also the most significant. It is important to create something you LOVE. Because once I start cutting glass, the artistic part is mostly over and the construction/crafting part begins. Also, the glass business is changing – glass that I could easily get 2 years ago is no longer available. I have a big “stash” that I can use to create the smaller elements, but when it comes to sky and other large pieces, I have much less to choose from at the store these days. Also, I am very curious how you found my work. What were you looking for? How did this pop up?
      Thanks. Katie

  • I am rethinking the window dimensions as the original location i was thinking of would block the view of our bird feeder tree. I’ll get back to you in a couple of days with new dimensions and thoughts on design. What i really like about the winter insert is the element of sky snow wood and birds all spatially apart but connected. As to how I found you I was looking through etsy and saw some of your work. I’ll be in touch- take care! KL

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